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Head shot of James Ramsbotham

James Ramsbotham

Chief Executive
Head shot of David  Langley

David Langley

Chief Operating Officer
Head shot of Ross Smith

Ross Smith

Director of Policy
Head shot of Julie  Underwood

Julie Underwood

International Trade Director


Head shot of Eamonn Leavey

Eamonn Leavey

Head of Presidents Club
Head shot of Linda  Ord

Linda Ord

Committee Clerk

Relationship Manager

Head shot of Tom Warnock

Tom Warnock

Relationship Manager
Head shot of Andrew Heavisides

Andrew Heavisides

Medium Relationship Manager
Head shot of Julie Digman

Julie Digman

Essentials Portfolio Manager
Head shot of Lynsey Fairless

Lynsey Fairless

Senior Relationship Manager Newcastle Gateshead


Head shot of Leigh Cowan

Leigh Cowan

International Trade Assistant
Head shot of Jacqui Tulip

Jacqui Tulip

International Trade Advisor
Head shot of Debra Blair

Debra Blair

Export Advisor
Head shot of Les Dixon

Les Dixon

Relationship Manager - International Trade
Head shot of Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown

International Trade Consultant


Head shot of Paul Carbert

Paul Carbert

Policy Advisor
Head shot of Jonathan  Walker

Jonathan Walker

Head of Policy and Campaigns


Head shot of Ashley Carney

Ashley Carney

Events Executive
Head shot of Tracey Worrall

Tracey Worrall

Events Co-ordinator
Head shot of Daniel Marsden-Knight

Daniel Marsden-Knight

Events Manager