Are you ready for CDS?

Author - Jasmin Brown

Date published:

From 1st October 2022 all customs import declarations into the UK must be made via the new HMRC Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

In their latest customs update email to over 3000 businesses HMRC advised that it can take some time to arrange the switch over and strongly encouraged businesses to act now to ensure that there would be no risk to consignments being held up at the beginning of October. HMRC have now released some additional guidance including how to videos to assist in setting up a business’s account.

All businesses with a UK EORI number will be registered for CDS automatically, however where there is a requirement for a business to make a payment for any VAT or duty on import clearance each business must subscribe to CDS via their government gateway account in order to be able to do this. 

If a business does not already have a Government Gateway account or ID they will need to register for one.

The trader checklist is available here on the government website as a step-by-step overview of what a business needs to do to ensure that they are set up for their entries to be submitted to HMRC via CDS.

Information on the different payment methods for VAT and duty payment and how it can be managed on CDS via the government gateway account here.

Where a business uses a customs clearance agent or broker, they must set up a standing authority for their agent to act on their behalf.  The standing authority can be set up via their government gateway account.  How to set up a standing authority.

More information on the changes that will affect businesses caused by the swap from CHIEF to CDS and the different payment methods available via CDS please see the Chamber’s article on HMRC’s new system: CDS

If you have any questions about subscribing to CDS please get in touch with the Chamber’s International team via [email protected]

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