Bidding for Public Sector Tenders: Your Guide to Success

Author - Arlen Pettitt

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If you’ve tendered for public sector work before, you’ll be familiar with the advantages that these valuable contracts can have for your business. However, if you’re just starting, we know that the public procurement landscape can seem like a difficult one to navigate, especially for SMEs.

Luckily for SMEs, there has never been a better time to start working with the public sector! Governments in the UK and beyond have pledged to increase their spending through SMEs annually. In the UK alone, the government is aiming spend 33% of its procurement budget through SMEs by March 2022, great news for anyone considering taking the leap into the world of tendering for public contracts!

Governments are so keen to spend through local businesses due to the positive and far-reaching knock-on effects this kind of spend can have on local communities.

When local businesses are invested in, it helps to:

  • Provide financial security needed for long-term stability
  • Give SMEs a steady pipeline of work
  • Reinvigorate local communities through employment opportunities
  • Improve equal opportunities in local areas
  • Promote happier and healthier local economies

Expert Tips for a Winning Bid
Writing compelling and winning quality responses to tenders is vital to your tender process. After all, the whole aim of getting involved with public sector tenders is to win them! Before you start, make sure:

  1. You know your deadlines
    Before getting started, make sure you’ve left sufficient time to submit your bid before the final date. Something we always suggest is working backwards from the deadline. Start with your end goal and develop a plan of action for your bid. For example, if your bid is due in 4 weeks, you want your final draft complete by week 3, so in week 1 you need to speak with the experts in your team. It’s also worth knowing your deadline throughout the process for clarifications, just in case you need to ask the buyer a question.
  2. Assess & digest
    Before you leap into the application process, take time to digest the details of the project and what it entails, making sure that your company is truly the best fit. Even if you decide not to go with the project, eventually it will save you time and money instead of applying for a project you were not suitable for.
  3. Do your research
    It’s important that whoever is writing the bid to research the buyer and understand what the company usually looks for, what they value, and how they can best procure the required service. It’s also important for the bid writer to research the competition to spot weaknesses, working them into your strengths to give you the competitive advantage.
  4. Think ABC, ‘Accurate, Brief, and Concise’
    Time and time again, too many bids are written with generic ‘fluff’ instead of the specifics about how you’re going to procure the require service, and why you’re the best fit. Buyers don’t want to read paragraphs full of well written prose, they want numbers and hard facts. When you’re writing a bid, get straight to the point and tell them exactly how you’re going to deliver the project. However, make sure you achieve a balance. Don’t fill your bid with industry jargon the buyer won’t understand, make your content accessible and easy to understand.
  5. Proofread, proofread, proofread
    Even if you’ve written a great bid, silly spelling mistakes and bad grammar won’t come off well to the buyer; it implies carelessness and a lack of attention detail. Before you submit your bid, make sure you’ve proofread it more than once and have gotten a colleague to proofread it.

OPPORTUNI is the world’s only end-to-end solution that helps SMEs source, bid, and win public sector contracts.
Since beginning in March of 2020, OPPORTUNI have been on a global mission to redirect £225 billion worth of government spend to local communities through local companies winning government contracts. In 2021 alone, OPPORTUNI have helped to redirect over £1 billion of this spend through local SMEs.

It is OPPORTUNI’s core ambition to end decades of exclusion for millions of companies to be able to tap into the lucrative world of bidding and winning public sector contracts.

This innovative start-up is reshaping the global procurement landscape by making access to public contracts easier and faster than ever before. Through their revolutionary solution, OPPORTUNI are on track to introduce more companies into bidding in the next three years, than have done so in the last forty years combined.

By giving SMEs the tools to enter the world of public procurement, it is OPPORTUNI’s goal to aid local businesses in achieving long-term stability and security, reinvigorate local communities, and to invest in employment in local areas across the globe.

Join OPPORTUNI at our Chamber webinar on 3rd December to discover how to find and win tender opportunities.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

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