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We believe there is a huge opportunity for North East England to adopt and create best practice for supporting female entrepreneurs.

Business Support for Women

Extensive research around the world has shown that women often find business support less accessible or less effective – meaning opportunities for investment and growth are missed.

With an increasing proportion of businesses now led by women, we believe North East England can and should develop a real competitive advantage through a commitment to tackle this imbalance.

The Business Support Task Group, set up by the Chamber’s Women’s Advisory Board, has created this self-assessment checklist aimed at public and private providers of business support, including professional services. This gives some helpful guidance on what they could do better to ensure they are as open as possible to the opportunities of working with women-led businesses.

By making small changes to overcome unconscious bias or tailor services to different needs, we can help harness all the entrepreneurial talent in our region to build a Stronger North East.

Find out how Virgin Money are empowering productivity by harnessing the talents of women in financial services.

Could unconscious bias be affecting your decisions?

Take the Harvard Unconscious Bias test now and see how you judge people.