Chamber urges Government to put businesses at heart of road map  

Author - Charlotte Johns

Date published:

James Ramsbotham, chief executive, North East England Chamber of Commerce said:

“It is helpful Government has begun to set out the direction of travel for lifting current restrictions. There is now an urgent need for a corresponding road map specifically for businesses. They must have detail on how they will be supported tocome out of lock down measures.

“I understand it is important for people’s well-being to be able to meet up socially in the coming weeks but I would argue it is also extremely important that our economy is supported to get back on track. 

“It would be beneficial if there were more regular updates on this ‘road map’ so businesses can see clearly if there will be a shift due to any changing circumstances.   

“There also has to be proper briefings for businesses going forward rather than employers planning their futures from leaked information in newspapers.  A further important part of coming out of lock down successfully is ensuring Test and Trace’s potential is fully realised, to deal with localised outbreaks.”

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