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10 good reasons why you should use the Chamber Business Support Service to help manage your business

Chamber Business Support Service for Small Business

10 good reasons

Employment law/HR advice

Advice to help with a wide range of subjects including absenteeism, disputes, recruitment, annual leave, legislation plus a HR health check

Legal advice

Advice on any business legal matter including contracts, company law, property, directors or client disputes

Debt recovery

Advice on your rights and what you can do to help get money from customers who fail to pay your invoices on time

Health and safety

Access to advice on any health and safety matter including risk assessments, first aid, fire safety, policies and documents

Tax and VAT

Advice on tax or VAT matters including HMRC investigations, property income, VAT registration, exemptions and more

Employment documents

A bank of hundreds of employment docuemnts covering everything from recruitment to employee handbook

Contracts and handbooks

Access to documents that you can use to create your own contracts of employment and employee handbook

Health and safety documents

Access to over 250 documents covering risk assessments, policies, regulations plus a health and safety gap analysis

Legal documents

Access to almost 200 business legal documents such as check lists, documents covering online trading, intellectual property, partnerships


Comprehensive legal expenses insurance cover for employment disputes, tax investigations, property disputes, debt recovery and more