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10 good reasons why you should use the Chamber Business Support Service to help manage your business

Chamber Business Support Service for Medium Business

10 good reasons

Employment law/HR advice

Access to advice on all related matters including discipline and grievance, apprentices, national living wage and much more

Legal advice

Advice on any business legal matter including contract disputes, commercial law and data protection

Health and safety advice

Advice on any health and safety matter such as compliance, training, hazardous substances and fire safety

Tax advice

Access to advice on any tax related issue including benefits in kind, corporation tax, capital gains tax and HMRC enquiries

VAT advice

Advice on any VAT matter including VAT registration, exemptions, VAT on land and property

Employment documents

A comprehensive range of employment documents covering everything from employee recruitment to exit

Legal documents

Almost 200 business legal check lists and documents including company law, intellectual property and contract for services

Health and safety documents

Over 200 health and safety documents covering manual handing, equipment and vehicles and vulnerable groups etc.

Enhanced services

If the core service does not meet your specific needs a range of enhanced services are available at exclusive rates


Comprehensive legal expenses insurance cover for employment disputes, tax investigations, property disputes, debt recovery and more