Chamber calls for tax change to 9pm taxi fares expense claims

Author - Charlotte Johns

Date published:

The North East’s largest independent business organisation is calling on the Government to change HMRC rules so that taxi fares can be claimed as a working expense before the current 9pm threshold.

North East England Chamber of Commerce has written to Government with its members’ view that the time constraint discourages people to take taxis before 9pm as they may be unable to get reimbursed for it. This time limit can cause problems in a number of ways from personal safety and impacting on employees with mobility issues where other modes of transport are difficult to access.

Lesley Moody said: “This arbitrary rule is outdated and unfair, both for employees and employers. Companies have a duty to take care of their employees and often taxis are the safest way to travel so are a legitimate business expense, no matter the time of day. For example people may need travel to meetings or events at late notice in areas they may not be familiar with or areas away from public transport links.

“Ensuring that people with mobility issues, those without access to a car, and people travelling after dark in isolated areas, are able to book taxis if they prefer is essential to ensure access meetings, events and training opportunities. Employees shouldn’t be penalised if these meetings take place before 9pm.”

Lesley Moody, Chamber President and Alix Bolton, chair of the Chamber Women’s Leadership Forum signed the letter on behalf of members.

Download a copy of the letter here.

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