Chamber launches digital hub to support business growth

Author - Jasmin Brown

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North East England Chamber of Commerce research showed a huge potential for digital technology to boost regional business growth and has launched a digital hub to help as a result. 

The work was led by the Chamber’s digital steering group, chaired by Gill Hunter, managing partner who is a specialist in technology law at Square One Law, with information from the Chamber’s quarterly economic survey and roundtable discussions with business leaders.  Findings revealed that almost all participants and respondents believed digital transformation was more important for them following the pandemic. Results also showed the reasons for this view was to improve business agility, customer experience and operation efficiency. 

Gill Hunter said: “The last 18 months has been meant that businesses have really appreciated the differentiating role technology can bring to their business. This has led to increased focus on the business’s digital strategy, ensuring it aligns with their overall business strategy. From the conversations I have had, it is clear business leaders are grappling with a multitude of issues, so this initiative is to sign post relevant information to business leaders to support their digital transformation and develop their digital leadership skills.” 

The research also showed 40% of business respondents are currently forming a digital transformation strategy. 25% already have a strategy in place which is being followed but 25% are only implementing digital transformation on an ad-hoc basis and have no formal strategy.   

As part of its campaign to help create a well-connected and Stronger North East the Chamber’s digital hub on its website will have tools, tips and advice on how a business can grow, or create efficiencies using technology. It will also include links to digital skills and leadership training resources, funding available and businesses who can help. There will also be case studies detailing how companies have overcome challenges with the help of digital technologies. 

Amber Burney, Chamber policy and engagement executive said: “We believe it is ever-more important companies are encouraged to adopt technology and digital processes. They play such a significant role in increasing business productivity, reaching customers, reducing a carbon footprint and futureproofing businesses to make them more competitive.”  

Simon Michie, chief technology officer, Pulsant said: “The UK is in the midst a major technology transformation that is creating new opportunities for businesses is the North East of England. It used to be that businesses closer to technology hubs in the Southeast were at an advantage but the emergence of edge computing is breaking down the barriers of location. We’re now seeing regional businesses leverage UK-wide edge computing platforms to gain immediate access to the cloud-based services they need to innovate and grow.” 

The Chamber will be running a campaign on social media from mid-September to showcase the digital hub and businesses which can help with digital transformation. 

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