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Chamber statement on today’s employment stats

Niamh Corcoran comments:

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“Employment figures published today are encouraging for the North East, with the labour market showing strong signs of recovery. For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the region now has more workers in payrolled employment than it did in February 2020, before Covid-19 had hit.

“However, labour and skills shortages are beginning to emerge, with firms in sectors like hospitality and logistics struggling to recruit the staff they need. In addition, long-term unemployment is an increasingly concerning problem in the labour market, particularly for older and younger workers,

“As the July reopening gets underway, Government should continue to increase investment in adult education so those in unemployment can rapidly retrain and upskill and ensure that jobcentres have the resources they need so that those looking for new opportunities can be fully supported into work. Not only this, but with the impacts of the immigration system beginning to bite, Government will need to assess whether the system is flexible and accessible enough for businesses to recruit the talent they need to grow and, where necessary, make urgent changes.”

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