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Effective from 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2020


Export Documentation Price List

The Chamber supplies an export documentation system allowing exporters to create all of the documents necessary, such as packing lists, invoices and all relevant shipping paperwork. Training and support is also provided. Email for further information or a demo login.

Email if you would like the Chamber to raise documents for you, whether on a one off or on-going basis.

Contact Details

For live applications or general enquiries, please email which is monitored by the person/people issuing documents. Specific contact details are below in case you’d like to discuss with a particular team member.

Jessica Brown, International Trade Co-ordinator

0191 374 6462 /

Rebecca Wilkinson, International Trade Co-ordinator

0191 374 6485 /

Debra Blair, Export Services Team Leader

0191 374 6448 /