Global North East

North East England can rightly pride itself on its export success.

Businesses in our region are recognised around the world for their quality, service and innovation. Much of our future economic performance will depend upon our ability to grow trade still further.

Enabling global trade

The EU is our biggest export market and so maintaining good trading relations with our near neighbours is essential to our ambitions. A deal with the EU must be agreed immediately, with a commitment from both sides to continuously strive to improve trade. Businesses must also be fully supported as they adapt to new trading arrangements.

Opportunities elsewhere in the world must also be exploited to their full potential. As Government seeks trade deals with countries across the globe, it should do so in a way that prioritises regional strengths and supports domestic economic rebalancing.

The North East is home to expertise that will be crucial to addressing global challenges such as sustainability. The potential to be a world leader in this field must be recognised and championed at a regional and national level.

Despite our successes, our region’s export accomplishments are still built on the backs of too few businesses. We need more firms to broaden their horizons and seek new markets for their products and services. This must be supported by a well-resourced, decentralised trade support service that places knowledgeable advisers at the heart of local business communities.

The North East needs:

  • Improved relations with the EU that makes trade as frictionless as possible for North East companies.
  • Comprehensive support and resources to ensure business readiness for new trading arrangements.
  • More businesses to get involved in international trade, underpinned by dedicated trade advice and support to grow the scale and diversity of North East exports
  • A Freeport offer that protects large North East employers and incentivises genuine growth and job opportunities.
  • Free Trade Agreements that improve market access for sectors in which the North East can demonstrate a competitive advantage.

Our commitment:

The Chamber sits at the heart of the North East’s export community. Through our advice and documentation services we help thousands of companies sell their goods and services overseas.

We commit to continually improving and expanding this offer to ensure our region’s businesses are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to trade internationally.

Through training, market introductions and facilitation services we will both help existing exporters expand deeper and wider into foreign markets and inspire more businesses to take their first steps into overseas trade.

“International trade has been an integral part of our region’s economy for over 200 years for sound financial reasons. Exporting is an invaluable way of increasing marketplaces and reducing risk to fluctuations in demand for services or products. We have gained so much from our own overseas sales not just in terms of additional sales but also as it provides unique, exciting opportunities for our team. More companies could get the benefit of this approach but they need support.”

Nagma Ebanks-Beni MBE, Commercial Director – Prima Cheese

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Campaigning for a Stronger North East

Our mission is not just to repair the damage done to our economy in recent months. It is to come back stronger. We must correct historic unfairness, tackle inequalities and show the world what we are capable of. North East England is a fantastic, unique place with enormous economic potential. Through collective endeavour, and with the right support, we know that potential is within our reach.

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Influential North East

The Chamber will work with businesses and stakeholders across our region to build a campaign that shouts about our potential and the many great reasons to invest here.


Working North East

Everyone in our region must be able to access high quality employment and training opportunities, regardless of their background or personal circumstances.


Competitive North East

To recover and grow, we need to improve the financial health of our businesses to put them in the best possible position to capitalise on any new opportunities.


Connected North East

The quality of infrastructure in the region will be vital to our economic recovery, ensuring that communities in the region are connected to opportunities.


Dynamic North East

We must reimagine what our places are for and revitalise them as centres of economic activity.