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Whether a one off request from a new customer, or a regular requirement, the Chamber’s team will help ensure the process is as streamlined as possible.

Export Documentation

Our experienced team of export advisers are here to help you through the process of issuing official certificates of origin and preferential origin documents (EUR1 and A.TR documents) that are often required by your overseas customer to clear the goods for import at destination.

By using our online system, exporters are able to apply for new documents quickly and easily and can store the information from previous shipments, removing the need for repetitive typing.

With export having terminology all of its own, the Chamber can simplify the process for your business.

The following links offer further information about the type of documents available and the service we offer;

  1. Certification - Export Documents
  2. New Export Price List
  3. Formal Undertaking

To get started or if you have any queries about the service please email or call 0300 303 6322 and ask for the international trade team.