Member spotlight: Vortex Global Ltd

Author - Helen Cartwright

Date published:

This week we caught up with Vortex Global Ltd to find out how they’re going further with Chamber membership.

Where are you based?

Building 1-J Enterprise House, Darlington

How many people do you employ?

6 in Darlington, United Kingdom; 411 globally

Give us a brief overview of your business:

Vortex specialises in the design and manufacture of components for the transport and flow control of dry bulk solids. The characteristics of dry bulk solids are endless so there is no all-encompassing solution for every application. Therefore, Vortex offers a wide range of valves, diverters and loading solutions for handling nearly any type of dry solids, from fine powders to heavy ore. Vortex’s technical focus is the development of innovation technologies to improve solids process efficiency, ensure dust-free environments, and establish long-term reliability.

Tell us about a recent business success:

We have many different business successes throughout the UK and the rest of the world involving our dry bulk solids equipment we manufacture, but two specific business successes come to mind.

The first success in the North East was supplying three, dual-hydraulic cylinder double Clamshell Gates with an abrasion resistant design specifically for large particle materials down to fine powders. Clamshells typically are used for larger particle materials, but we designed with a bespoke dust tight seal modification.

Also, Vortex Global’s project management ability was demonstrated in a demanding project working in conjunction with a construction engineering company and an engineering consultant to supply a large number (54) of 1m square electrically driven slide valves for a power station in the North East. The valves were designed to sit at the base of large 9000 tonne capacity biomass storage silos. Their function is to isolate the flow of material from the silo outlet, closing through both flowing material and a standing column of material using both automatic and manual control. The valve design had to consider the magnitude of the vertical pressure acting on the valves along with the ATEX requirements and potential for pressure shocks. The project was professionally handled to meet the demanding programme and the valves are functioning without issues.

Why are you a Chamber Member?

As a North East-based company servicing the UK and global market, we feel that the NECC can help Vortex Global reach out to other UK-based companies and share our experience and work alongside each other to promote our business and the North East as a great place to do business.

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