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Member Spotlight: Warrender Technical Solutions

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This week we caught up with Warrender Technical Solutions to find out more about what they do and how they can help your business.

Location: Wallsend, North Tyneside, World Wide

Number of employees: 1

A brief overview of your business:

I’m Ian and I’m here to help. That’s the starting and most important point, my business is Warrender Technical Solutions, a business consultancy focused on Processes, Software, Training and Data Analysis. We can review your existing processes, produce process maps, identify gaps in your information flow and offer software solutions. We have training focused on Microsoft, advice on knowledge retention and we can aid with Data analysis.

We help businesses of every size, from the micro looking to expand, enabling them to start on a firm basis of identifiable process maps and reliable efficient systems, to the larger organisations to do a full information flow review and improve knowledge retention. We look at the most cost-effective solutions, which are often outside the box and where possible use your existing software in an enhanced form.

However, our focus is people, on the users, the employees, enabling them to spend the time being the experts they are employed to be and not waste time fighting with their computer. It comes back to help, no matter what size organisation, think about what frustrates you and call me to see what we can do for you.

My social media contact are;

What has been your top tip for keeping business going during Covid-19?

Networking, I can’t stress enough the importance of surrounding yourself with like minded businesspeople, that can provide direction, offer work and refer your business.

Why are you a Chamber Member?

It is too simple to say ‘Networking’, Chambers have the connections with local authorities and businesses, allowing business owners like myself to know the direction the region is heading in while also providing us with a collective voice. Chambers allows businesses to connect, through cross regional meetings down to the focused area meetings, in addition to the training and general information flow. Their move online was quick and today it is seamless, allowing businesses to connect remotely in a way that would not be possible during Lockdown restrictions without them.

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