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Digital Union (Generator North East)


Digital Union, powered by Generator NE, is the leading business network in the North East of England for Creative Digital companies.

Digital Union has matured from a networking organisation into a representational body, drawing on member and national network expertise to formulate strategies around skills and talent for the sector alongside media strategies to build both profile and awareness of the fastest growing tech sector in the UK. The growing membership boasts a wide range of businesses, from software designers, brand agencies and digital marketers, to web solution developers, VR specialists, digital PR agencies, recruitment and events businesses.

If you want to provide your services to our tech and digital companies and are looking to reach them, become a member of Digital Union.

Generator NE-

Generator, the UK’s Leading Music Development Agency has helped countless promoters, agents, managers, labels, publishers and bands, develop and grow in business. Generator’s success in developing these businesses has lead to an increased understanding of content creation and the opportunities for leveraging value from IP rights in a digitally convergent environment. It can now offer further business support to Digital Creative Businesses working across design, games and media. Whether you’re an established SME or just setting up in business, get in touch to find out how Generator can help your business grow.

Member Events

Wednesday January 31, 2018

Digital Union Manifesto