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DJM Aerial Solutions - Drone Imagery, Survey & Inspection


DJM Aerial Solutions are a Commercial Drone Service Provider (DSP), we are licensed and accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

DJM Aerial Solutions specialise but are not limited to industrial asset inspection and survey. With 20+ years in engineering roles and a background in heavy industry and Oil and Gas we are positioned well ahead of our adversaries in terms of aerial inspection and survey.

We operate some of the industries leading equipment, sensors and payloads. This combined with our highly trained and motivated personnel is a prominent factor in the delivery of your project. Providing us with the necessary tools and training to establish the best possible data acquisition available to market.

Our enviable background in industry has us well placed to not only contribute to client health and safety objectives and preventative measures, but also to contribute our own safety standards. Resulting in a 100% incident free, safe working environment.

Not only can we provide high quality asset inspection and survey but we are also capable of offering several other services such as:

  • Offshore Inspection and Survey
  • Renewables Inspection and Survey
  • Bespoke Aerial Footage and Imagery
  • Thermal Inspection and Survey
  • 3D Imagery and Volumetric Analysis
  • Mapping, Photogrammetry and Elevation Models

We are the leading DSP within the North East.

Member News

Wednesday June 27, 2018

Business Dragon Theo Paphitis Chooses Another Teesside Company, "DJM Aerial Solutions" for SBS