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Aurora – ecs’ is a digital consultancy and services company with a team of experts specialising in ‘Intelligent Process Automation’ (IPA), which is at the heart of next generation of business operations.

We supercharge your business by empowering your people to take ownership to automate your business processes for endless Innovation, freeing up your people to focus on higher value business activities.

We transform your enterprises recurring business processes by streamlining people’s activities to deliver cost reductions, enhanced customer experience and operational impact.

Currently 45% of people’s day to day business activities consists of manual tasks which can be automated using IPA technologies using Cloud platforms which don’t require heavy investment or specialist technology programmers.

Creating value for your business through process automation
In partnership with Catalytic, our goal is to free up your people to do more thoughtful, creative and meaningful work.

Business user friendly
Together we are focused on augmenting human capabilities and creating a future of work where people can work together with digital workers.

We enable smart technologies with an Intelligent Automation Platform to do the processing of repetitive tasks so that the work of your people can be re-framed, freeing them to focus on higher value business activities, solve problems & create new knowledge.

Curious: for an informal discussion please contact either Dave Smith Managing Partner on 0191 500 8931 to discuss your digital automation challenges.