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We are a Football Festival in Newcastle in 2020 - this will aim the be the UK's only event celebrating
the game through multi-events and embracing digital at its core. This will run through June and July and comprise of:
- Youth tournament - this will comprise of 2 competitions. Ages 7 - 12
will be mixed gender and promote participation and enjoyment. The 13 -
18 age group will aim to be competitive and showcase talent to scouts
from around the country. This will be the showpiece event and we already
have exposure interest through the mainstream media.
- Vlogger meetup - YouTube has moved football supporters from printed
media to video for the youth with some very popular channels. We are
planning a meetup and opportunity for connections with fans and channel
- Live Podcast recordings - Another popular channel for fan engagement,
we have the use of the Whitley Bay Playhouse for a live recording. We
have reached out to Bob Mortimer, The Football Ramble and That Peter
Crouch Thing podcast so far and are awaiting feedback.
- FIFA Gaming Competition - the first such event to be held in the North
East, this will engage with the youth through video gaming. As well as
participants, we anticipate this will attract a huge number of attendees
to simply watch the action.
- Football Memorobilia Exhibition - in partnership with Tyne and Wear
Museums, we are looking to put on an exhibition showcasing the history
of football through collections.

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