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North Cyber Security


North IT - Cyber Security Specialists

Offering ethical hacking, vulnerability management, & penetration testing - UK and international.

Web App/Site Penetration Testing

Your web development and DevOps team are not necessarily security experts, help them by testing their implementation and learning from any security flaws which may be present. We'll test these to current OWASP standards.
Learn more about: Web App Penetration Testing.

Office Penetration Testing

Keep your business and confidential information secure from all potential attackers. New European GDPR regulations require your business to be secure and can fine your business if you suffer a data breach and it is mishandled. Stay clear from fines and keep your customer's happy with not having the breach in the first place.
Learn more about: Office Penetration Testing.

24/7 Vulnerability Scanning

We provide cost-effective vulnerability assessment monitoring as an on-going service. Vulnerability scans are fully automated and will alert our team for any known vulnerability. This works well for off-the-shelf software, such as a Wordpress website or your internal business systems with the use of our Box2™.
Learn more about: Vulnerability Assessments.

Member Events

Thu 15th Oct 2020

The Rise of Rioja: CVNE

Thu 1st Oct 2020

An Introduction to Fine Wine: Bordeaux

Thu 10th Sep 2020

A Chilean Transcendence: Viu Manent

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April Cyber Security Challenge

Offer Code: neecc-challenge

Expires: Wed 1st May 2019