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Microslat International Limited


We design and manufacture the world's leading 25mm pitched aluminium slatwall system (MicroSlat). Used by architects, designers and shopfitters to create imaginative displays in retail , point of sale, exhibition, office and library display environments.

The flexibility of aluminium MicroSlat allows it to be used in thousands of permutations to suit any situation and in any colour imaginable. The inherent strength and lightness of aluminium enables heavy products to be displayed as well as making the system easy to install and relocate.

MicroSlat is available in single and double-sided profiles and the 25mm pitch maximises product density.

All standard and custom made slatwall accessories such as prongs, euro hooks, garment rails, shelving and acrylic holders are compatible with MicroSlat.

A range of standard slatwall accessories are kept in stock and we can work with you to produce custom made shelving and acrylics.

Shipped in the UK and all around the world.