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Gender Inequality in the Workplace (Drinks Reception at St Aidan's College, Durham University)

Tuesday November 26, 2019 19:19 - 21:21

St Aidan's College, Durham University, Durham, DH1 3LJ


Posted By Changing Relations C.I.C

There are all sorts of ways in which gender - and expectations about how we should behave and be treated - play into school and workplace contexts. 

• In the wake of #MeToo, the Harvard Business Review reports that more than 10% of men & women in a range of industries are now less willing to hire an attractive women, whilst teenage girls we’ve worked with tell us that there is still a lot of societal pressure for women to look a certain way. 

• The same report found that 1 in 3 men were reluctant to have a one-to-one meeting with a woman, whilst the Government Equalities Office reports that women are less likely to progress up the career ladder to higher paying jobs, yet McKinsey & Co report cites greater profitability for those organisations with more women on their boards. 

• The Men’s Health Forum reports that three quarters of suicides are committed by men…but men are less likely than women to seek therapy or support, whilst the Mental Health Foundation states that mental health is the leading cause of sickness absence, costing UK employers approximately £2.4 billion per year. 

In short…it’s in all of our interests to address gender roles and expectations to achieve: 

• Fairness & equality; 

• Profitability & effectiveness; 

• Wellbeing. 

This event for business leaders & public sector policy-makers will create space to consider possible approaches to overturning the barriers created by outmoded gender norms. 

You will hear from academic experts & business consultants & have the opportunity to view Changing Relations’ original artistic exhibition – Stepping Out of The Box – which will be on display at St Aidan’s College at the time of the event. The exhibition is the culmination of a creative programme in which young people from across South West Durham began to question destructive social pressures and explore healthier alternatives together with artist Polly Turner.


St Aidan's College, Durham University
Windmill Hill

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