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Free webinar: Prioritizing people: The route to successful, sustainable and resilient construction

Wednesday October 28, 2020 10:10 - 11:11, Online, Online


Posted By BSI Assurance UK Limited

A people-centred approach underpins a truly successful organization. Taking account of people – both their physical and mental health and embracing diversity boosts the culture of the organization, decreases risk, supports sustainable resilience and can avoid legal challenges. As the construction industry faces increasing talent shortages and the innovation that a diverse workforce brings, we explore how prioritizing your people can bring sustainable benefits to individuals, organizations and wider society.

We invite business leaders, Resilience, HR and Health and Safety Directors to join Kate Field as she explores:

Mental health - the silent epidemic in construction, and what can be done
Psychological health – stress and other psychosocial risk factors
Diversity, and in particular, gender and age
Wellbeing programmes – what good looks like


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