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Free webinar: How a lean approach can drive efficiency in manufacturing

Wednesday November 18, 2020 14:14 - 15:15, online, online


Posted By BSI Assurance UK Limited

Lean manufacturing is an approach developed which focuses on minimizing waste within manufacturing systems while simultaneously maximizing productivity. This methodology was first developed in Japan but has since been implemented by companies throughout the world including Toyota and Nike.

Lean manufacturing has been partnered with Six Sigma methodology and to produce a Lean Six Sigma approach. This webinar will take you through some of the key principles behind Lean Six Sigma and why it is particularly applicable for the manufacturing industry.

Learning outline 

The webinar will discuss the fundamentals of using a Lean approach to manufacturing products & the benefits that can be achieved. 
Showing how Lean can be combined with complementary methods such as Six Sigma, Quality & Environmental Management to drive even greater levels of effectiveness, efficiency & ecological responsibility within a business.  
How to improve your business!  
What will you learn?

A Lean Approach to Product Manufacture
How Organisations Benefit from Lean
Lean, plus Six Sigma
Lean, Quality & Environmental Management.
Who should attend:

For organisations interested in removing waste & unnecessary costs from their key processes, as well as increasing the level of quality & responsiveness that they provide to customers, Lean can deliver the ideas & tools that that are needed
For businesses striving for excellence using methodologies such as Six Sigma, Quality & Environmental Management, Lean can provide a ‘multiplier effect’ as both a complementary & proven system of improvement
For those who hold Certification to a Management System Standard, think ‘Clause 10.3’ of the HLS!  And then think Lean Six Sigma.


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