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Alan Green Photography


Company Name:

Alan Green Photography

Where are you located

I work from home in Newcastle upon Tyne

Number of employees

Sole Trader (though my Wife acts as Assistant on occasions)

Give us a brief overview of your business

I’m a local Commercial Photographer, helping businesses with their Branding/Marketing through the power of high-quality photography.

I specialize in Construction and related industries (which is a huge range of business types!).

Main elements to my offering are to help with promotion of Brand, Projects and Team, so I will shoot all kinds of assets including the all-important people in a business.

I’ve been in business for a relatively short time but I’ve been a keen photographer most of my life.

I love working with people to help get their business the reach and recognition they deserve.

What has been your top tip for keeping business going during Covid-19?

Communication/staying in touch with people. Letting them know I’m ready for action!

Chamber Zoom meetings and the like, networking remotely and calling/responding to people who express an interest in connecting. LinkedIn has been an excellent way to grow my own brand.

Tell us why you are a Chamber member?

I had experience of the Chamber in a previous working life and used to work as a Commercial Insurance Broker as a tenant in the Chamber office at Aykley Heads, where I’d occasionally have the good fortune of meeting James Ramsbotham - and many of the Chamber Team.

I got to know more about the Chamber and felt it would suit me to join when I started my own business.