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Newcastle upon Tyne

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Aurora – ecs is a digital business process automation services company based in the North East, with a team of experts specialising in ‘Intelligent Process Automation’ (IPA), which is at the core of next generation of business operations.

Our mission is to dramatically improve our customer’s business operations by elevating people through technology, freeing them to focus on more meaningful work using an Intelligent Process Automation which transforms recurring business processes by streamlining people activities, leveraging digital technologies and AI to automate low-value tasks.

Let us know about a recent business success

“Intelligent Process Automation has provided significant ROI, with a vision to scale by making the technology accessible to non-technical audiences. That means we can easily deploy automation throughout the organization, resulting in massive productivity gains, cost reduction, higher quality, and reliability of data.”

– Chief Automation Officer, Global multimedia & digital marketing company

With many pre-configured automations ready for rapid deployment across all business functions which deliver ~ 30-50% cost reductions with ROI in under 6 months (typically 3 months) adding significant value to your operations and budgets.

Summary: - At Aurora-ecs we empower humans with advanced smart technologies and agile processes for faster, more intelligent business and operational decisions to deliver:

· increased process efficiency,

· improved customer experience,

· reduction in costs & associated risks

· optimised & increased people productivity.

· A happy team of people adding incremental value to your business

With over 40 + years’ experience of successfully advising and delivering benefits for and on behalf of many national and global companies, you are in safe hands with Aurora-ecs.

Try our AI powered ‘ROI - business case tool’ and see how your business could benefit from the Intelligent Process Automation revolution at

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The contact at Aurora-ecs, is Dave Smith a veteran practitioner in process automation and values the Chamber member community.

Dave Smith Managing Director Contact 07776 992434