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Azure Charitable Enterprises


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Azure Charitable Enterprises

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Azure is a North East Charity based in Cramlington providing support to people who are disabled or disadvantaged. The services provided by Azure enable people to live more independently, access the community, find and stay in employment and gain skills through training.

Azure’s Support, Education and Employment Services enable people with different levels of need to live a full and active life. All services are tailored to reflect choice and are delivered in a flexible, person focused way to promote personal development. Azure’s aim is to support clients to achieve autonomy and choice in the opportunities they pursue. Key to our work are the businesses that we operate including a Garden Centre, Horticultural Nurseries and Grounds Maintenance division operating from Cramlington, a Business Centre in Newburn and a Printing & Design business serving clients across the North East. All businesses were established or acquired to support the Charity’s mission and now make an increasingly important financial contribution to the work of the Charity.

Let us know about a recent business success

Miller UK Ltd, a world leader in excavator attachment design and manufacture, based in Cramlington, has recently awarded their grounds maintenance contract to Azure’s Landscaping team. In doing so they are helping Azure to extend their education and apprenticeship training programme.

Tell us why you are a Chamber member

Azure is a very diverse Charity but only those directly connected to it know of the services provided. Our aim is to raise the profile of Azure among businesses across the North East to make them aware that if they choose to work with Azure they will be directly supporting the education and employment of people with disabilities.