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Blueocto Ltd


Company Name:

Blueocto Ltd

Where are you located

Jarrow, South Tyneside

Number of employees


Give us a brief overview of your business

At Blueocto, we offer the same services as every other web design agency, BUT, we have a clear focus on code standards and quality. We are advocates for Web Accessibility and inclusion. Being affordable without compromising on quality is important to us. We aim to be transparent and no-nonsense with no “tech speak” and you’ll always speak to the person doing the work - not a salesperson! We love creating tech for good, that impacts local communities and helps charities and CICs broaden their reach. We’re homegrown and completely bootstrapped - like many small businesses owners here in the North East - so we can empathise with the struggles and we will do all we can to educate, grow your business and reach your unique goals.

What has been your top tip for keeping business going during Covid-19?

We have found being actively involved in networking (online) has been invaluable in keeping our business visible, and kept us sane, in these unprecedented times. Talking to fellow business owners andhearing their stories and experiences has been encouraging. Where everyone is juggling home life,children and work, it has been inspiring to see such comradery and collaboration.

Tell us why you are a Chamber member?

I’d heard good things about the Chamber and a previous employer was a member, so we decided to join. We intended to attend events, we could find out more what is going on in our area through AGM meetings and the Chamber provides member resources.Our relationship manager, Julie, has some great advice and contacts from her past experience, so it’s always useful to have someone to talk to when you are learning to grow your own business.