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Cloud Data Service


Company Name:

Cloud Data Service

Where are you located

Newcastle upon Tyne

Number of employees


Give us a brief overview of your business

Cloud Data Service is a specialist web development agency based at Science Central in Newcastle upon Tyne. We specialise in creating bespoke cloud based software for a wide range of clients with an emphasis on health and wellbeing. Since beginning in 2011 we have created a suite of case management and referral management systems on behalf of the NHS and local authorities.

We create everything from simple, fast portfolio pages for businesses and charities to multi function management systems with dynamic dashboards and reporting - and everything else in between

Let us know about a recent business success

We recently gave a permanent contract to our first apprentice and have hired another one to take their place! We’re also very pleased to have had some of our contracts for our case managment systems renewed into the 6th year this year.

Tell us why you are a Chamber member

To be part of a ready made group of like-minded companies and to attend some of the many events that the Chamber hold, to hopefully help expand our business to the next level through exposure and networking.