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Graeme Tennick & Co Chartered Certified Accountants


Company Name:

Graeme Tennick & Co Chartered Certified Accountants

Where are you located

24 Apex Business Village, Northumberland Business Park, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 7BF

Number of employees


Give us a brief overview of your business

We are an accountancy firm that was initially and continues to be a business set up to make a difference; not only to our clients but also to the wider community.

It was quickly recognized prior to the practice being setup in 2012 that clients of existing accountancy firms were regularly not getting what they wanted or needed. We subsequently aimed to as a minimum deliver the following:

1. A pro-active service that is so much more than a once a year conversation

2. A tailored service offering around the needs of the client so that we could build what we delivered around their own needs and help them to achieve what they first set out to achieve

3. Provide a timeless service that looks not only at the here and now but also backwards and forwards so that we could make retirements goals realistic by building on past experience and make the necessary changes here and now.

4. Talk in plain-English so there was no jargon but just hard hitting facts. These facts have in time been delivered via various means such as through workshops, one-to-one mentoring etc.

5. Embracing technology so as not to left behind and take clients with us so that we could run; not walk away; from the idea of the visiting the accountant being an experience to dread; being sat behind a big wooden desk.

6. Offer a value-based approach where our invoices don’t just describe what we have done in terms of the work at our end but instead also cover the benefits generated for the client at their end.

With regards to the wider community we have done the following:

1. Have a nominated annual charity where we have dress-down Friday’s and charity events during the year to raise money for this.

2. Are involved with Young Enterprise where we go into schools and help students learn about business and what lessons we have learnt.

3. Are part of the Building My Skills programme ran by Esh group where we speak with students to get them work ready including giving them interview practice.

4. Regular provide work placements opportunities through the course of the year where the vast majority have gone on to full-time role in accountancy thereafter.

Let us know about a recent business success

Having recently been nominated for three awards at the 2017 Accountancy Awards which was a great honour and although we didn’t come away with any it was a great credit to the two individual in particular in our office who were up against some stiff competition.

We have also during recent years not only looked candidates from BBC programme The Apprentice but also worked with some high-profile businesses and a pilot for a very well-known sportsperson.

Tell us why you are a Chamber member

We have a massive belief that the North East is a massive contributor to this country but often not appreciated or heard and we see our Chamber membership as being just one step to overcome this and ensure that the region is recognized for the value it brings to the UK.