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Millbank Solutions


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Millbank Solutions

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Millbank Solutions is a specialist security and risk management company providing professional services to individuals, businesses, and organisations wherever they are based.

We will provide our clients with detailed information and risk mitigation to enable them to ensure that their assets remain protected, there is no disruption to their business continuity, and to minimise risk to any ongoing or intended operations. We are leading suppliers of specialist intelligence and corporate investigative services and security training packages. All services are delivered by former Police, Armed Forces and Government professionals

Let us know about a recent business success

We have recently been sought by an international retail estate company to provide their Security Risk Management services globally. Their intention is to enter developing countries and invest in real estate in what may be considered hostile environments. We will carry out a number of in depth assessments covering the key threat and risk areas and put in place mitigating measures to ensure the company is able to go about their business as usual, whilst their assets remain protected.

Tell us why you are a Chamber member

I see membership of the North East Chamber as an opportunity to network and learn from others already well established in their respective businesses. Whilst we are a young company, the Chamber is supplying a great deal of reassurance and support, filling gaps in business knowledge and the resources available are also easily accessed. We are already seeing the benefit of the hard work that goes on in the background on our behalf in terms of introductions into key markets and potential clients.