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Red Sky Telecom Ltd


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Red Sky Telecom Ltd

Where are you located

Team Valley, Gateshead

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Give us a brief overview of your business

Red Sky Telecom is total communication supplier based in the heart of Team Valley, Gateshead in the lovely office building of Queens Park.

We provide impartial, independent advice when it comes to business mobiles, telephone systems (hosted and on-site), connectivity, cloud services, security/mobile device management, IoT, IT and vehicle tracking systems. We pride ourselves to be different because we care, and we go an extra mile for our clients. For us there is only one boss - 'The customer'.

Let us know about a recent business success

Our average customer tenure is 6 years and we are only 10-year-old company, customers who work with us; stay with us.

We have helped many businesses with their telephone systems, some businesses lose sales because they have missed the calls and due to this the potential clients go to other suppliers within the same industry, we have provided a solution that would never let them miss a call and help their business to grow. A good telephone system is vital for any business because most clients get in touch by making calls to the suppliers.

We also helped bars, restaurants and event organizing companies with social wi-fi, the data that is captured is totally compliant and can be used in many forms. The data lets you know what the customers likes are, what music is liked by the visitors and what food or drinks they’d like to consume. This data can be used in many ways for example using that data to play visitor’s favourite music, offering lunch deals with the most liked food or drinks and even for a marketing strategy because social wi-fi will provide you with platform to send direct marketing emails to users from the same portal and you can draft it on the portal itself. It has helped businesses to capture data on who has visited in the last one year and the owner of businesses can send promotions to visitors who haven’t visited in 6 months or more by offering a free pint of beer or buy one get one free meal deals.

With our telephony system we have helped many businesses. For example, businesses that want to show their presence in multiple locations in UK but are based only in one region, we provided them with a solution that will be on their fingertips on their mobile phone and they could dial and receive calls from their virtual point of presence. This solution also helps them to send instant messages to all the employees within the company, record calls and even to facilitate video calling and virtual meetings.

Our mobile phone solution is helping businesses to monitor how the data is used, calls or texts sent abroad, use of premium numbers, spotting employee’s location with the help of their mobile phone and also to wipe off data from phone containing sensitive information with just one click – we have saved businesses from investing on MDMs which comes with extra cost per phone with same features as the solution we provide.

Tell us why you are a Chamber member

We are chamber members because we want to expand connections, raise company profile and raise the infleunce within North East region. We also have a very good Account Manager from the Chamber who is always there to help and support us with suggestions, advice and networking. We have attended all events in North East but in our opinion Chamber events are best within the region when it comes to networking. The Chamber is well connected with most of the successful businesses in North East and the Chamber always helps small businesses like ourselves uplift and help make connections. The Chamber membership gives open access to a lot of events that are exclusive to members and it gives opportunity to network with all small and big businesses within the region.