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Sight Service


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Sight Service

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Gateshead & South Tyneside

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Give us a brief overview of your business

Sight Service enables people of all ages living with sight loss to make informed choices about their future. We are here throughout their journey offering expert support, guidance and skills, helping people to fulfil their potential. Independence and friendship are at the heart of what we do to help people find the confidence to lead active, healthy and fulfilled lives.

Our services include:

Rehabilitation – providing mobility training, safer living environments and specialist equipment advice

Enablement – creating a personalised action plan and providing information, advice and guidance, aids and adaptations and tailored referrals to relevant organisations.

Vision Support – our Vision Support project promotes social activity, advice for technology and peer-to-peer support.

Low Vision – the community based low vision service integrates optometrists into the rehabilitation and enablement teams, providing a unique model of preventative eye care.

Training – The Visual Impairment Awareness Training helps businesses and employers understand the needs of those living with sight loss and can be tailored to fit the needs of specific situations.

Living With Sight Loss – our quality assured ‘Living with Sight Loss’ courses help people adjust to their sight loss and prevent future mental health problems.

Let us know about a recent business success

Sight Service has won the Sensory Support Contract in South Tyneside, securing our service for 5 years. The contract will provide vision assessments and personal plans for those experiencing sensory loss (vision and hearing). Ongoing support and Rehabilitation is provided to support independence, confidence and quality of life.

Our Lead Optometrist won the Low Vision Award in the national Optometrists Awards 2019.

Sight Service has also been nominated for the 2019 Visionary Awards due to take place in November.

Tell us why you are a Chamber member

Sight Service aims to raise awareness of the impact of Sight Loss and the Chamber offers an opportunity to network with businesses and employers to do this. We can also offer Visual Impairment Awareness Training to organisations that wish to improve services.

The HR, H&S advice are also very useful along with the online resources.