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Signal Telecom (Stokesley)


Company Name:

Signal Telecom (Stokesley)

Where are you located

Stokesley, North Yorkshire

Number of employees

15 (Stokesley office)

Give us a brief overview of your business

We are a family run business solutions provider with over 25 years’ experience. From humble beginnings as a company with a shop and one employee, we are now a team of 50 strong operating from 3 offices across the North of England.

We are proud to be an award winning O2 direct partner. Winning the awards for both customer excellence and digital excellence 5 years in a row. Signal Telecom are one of only three partners in the UK to achieve this.

Our product portfolio includes a full array of business solutions which include: Business mobiles with bespoke tariffs, phone systems and landlines, super-fast fibre broadband (We are an authorised supplier of BT), vehicle trackers and digital applications.

Let us know about a recent business success

We are extremely proud to announce that The Clinkard Group, a fellow chamber member, recently joined our family of customers. We love working with local businesses in the North East area, especially when they deserve better service than they are receiving. When Charles Clinkard first got in touch with us, they were with EE directly and suffering numerous problems, including disappointing customer service.

With many of the large networks the customer journey ends when they get the signature, however with us it’s the complete opposite – it’s just the beginning.

Just days after our first meeting with The Clinkard Group, our team were on with conducting tests at their premises and came to the conclusion that O2 worked perfectly. Charles Clinkard were initially concerned about the porting process from EE to O2, however we planned this with due care and attention and communicated throughout. It was phased over 2 weeks and each user was notified when the process was taking place, meaning that the transfer was completed without a hitch.

Our relationship with Charles Clinkard has gone from strength to strength, due to our local presence, excellent customer service and outstanding expertise. To see the video testimonial Roger West, Technology Manager, kindly did for us visit -

Tell us why you are a Chamber member

We are a chamber member as it gives us a platform to build relationships with like-minded local organisations. It’s also fantastic to hear about what is going on in the North East, we love to read and hear about all the success stories in our amazing area.