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Newcastle upon Tyne

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We are a benchmarking system for business energy. We give customers access to suppliers' base prices and we get paid a flat fee by the supplier, should you place your supply contract through us. Uniquely, we disclose our fee to you. There’s no obligation to place your business through us. You can use us to check you’re getting a good deal with your current supplier. If you are, we have done our job and you can rest assured you’re on a good rate. It's easy to benchmark, we just need a photo of your last bill. You can send it to or upload it on our portal at

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We renewed all electricity supplies for Victorian Plumbing, saving them around 23%. Furthermore, our average customer saves around 30% on their renewal, particularly if they use a broker to procure their energy

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We began trading in January 2018 & we are now trying to raise its profile. As a Chamber Member, we feel we can do this by growing our network, by attending events and publicising our business through the Chamber website.