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UTS Engineering

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Our philosophy is simple – to provide high quality, yet cost-effective piping solutions, within the shortest lead time. From pipe fittings and steel fabrications to under pressure drilling services and 24-hour emergency response, we are a true, single source supplier for pipeline service and products for the utilities industry. Many describe us as the accident and emergency service of the utilities industry.

Whether you require a single pipe fitting or fabrication, an innovative under pressure drilling service or a substantial maintenance contract, you will always receive the exceptional levels of service, professionalism and quality.

What has been your top tip for keeping business going during Covid-19?

As designated key workers throughout the pandemic, we have gained some valuable insights into how to thrive during a crisis. If we had to pick one tip, it is to ensure you choose the right people for the job. Throughout this crisis, we have had some extraordinary requirements and responsibilities placed upon us. Our success is all down to our teams. Their professionalism, commitment and the way they have handled the responsibility has been truly faultless.

From our factory teams to our WFH teams, site services to management, all have demonstrated total dedication. We could not have managed without them.

Tell us why you are a Chamber member?

We are proud to join the chamber at this critical time, as it reflects how we view the future. We believe this current crisis has shown us that collaboration is the future for our business and every other company, both in the North East and further afield.

Our continued growth has also taken us abroad, working in several countries, including the UAE, with, for example, our Dubai offices. Whilst we have been working internationally for quite a few years, we are looking to take advantage of the support from the chamber’s dedicated Export Knowledge base. With Brexit looming, being proactive looks to be the best strategy.

We are and have been committed to the North East for decades. We have proven our devotion to the area in the many ways we have supported charities and social groups, promoted grassroots sports teams when they have required it and helped our local communities wherever we can.

We are continuing to grow as a business and to have a stronger profile within the local community seems the logical next step.