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Word Out Media Ltd

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Word Out Media specialise in filming live events and corporate conferences, with over 20 years’ experience in the broadcast media industry, we are now taking this proven media and making it affordable and accessible to local businesses.

We film everything from business conferences, seminars, webinars and product launches; Word Out Media will ensure your event is a media success.

We record all our conferences using broadcast spec cameras, to deliver a professional high quality service for our clients. We use multiple cameras positioned around your event to capture all the action, the vision is then mixed live and recorded into a single video feed.

We can even take your keynote speakers PowerPoint presentation and integrate it, into the live video feed, the video feed can then be sent to video screens in your venue, and also streamed live securely over the internet, and publicly on the popular social media platforms, taking your event to a global audience.

As well as live events and conference filming, Word Out Media can also produce corporate promotional / training videos. We will be with you at every step in the creative process. Word Out Media will work with you to help promote your brand and message online; from concept to completion.

Let us know about a recent business success

Word Out Media recently helped Northumberland County Council stream live their public council chambers meetings to YouTube with great success. We got involved in the project alongside Sound Ideas media to bring our knowledge, expertise of filming live events and broadcasting live video over the internet. After understanding the client’s needs we were able to recommend a cost effective solution to the council that now enables them to stream live the council chambers meetings on YouTube on a regular basis.

Tell us why you are a Chamber member

We have become members of the North East Chamber of commerce as we believe in the valve of building relationships and networking with other businesses. Having come from the broadcast TV industry I feel that it is very important to be able get out into the local communities and meet potential clients face to face to help raise awareness of our company.

We would like to connect with businesses who would like to grow their business using a range of media services. Networking will enable Word Out Media to expand our business across the region and beyond as the these relationships to other businesses grow and develop.