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New gallery welcomes international art to the North East


Author: Coffee Design

A new fine art gallery is opening its doors in the heart of Newcastle on Friday, 26 April 2019. The Hancock Gallery will launch with its first temporary show, ‘Alexander Millar: A retrospective’.

A new fine art gallery is opening its doors in the heart of Newcastle on Friday, 26 April 2019. The Hancock Gallery will launch with its first temporary show, ‘Alexander Millar: A retrospective’, a celebration of artist Alexander Millar’s highly prolific and nostalgic work. The gallery will be exhibiting work from renowned national and international artists, providing a fresh opportunity for art enthusiasts to experience and collect international art locally. At the conclusion of Millar’s show, a space in the gallery will become his permanent home, and a new headline exhibit will open.

‘Alexander Millar: A retrospective’ covers three brightly lit floors and delves into the past 20 years of the artist’s career. The show features prints, paintings and sculptures from the artist’s private collection, as well as providing access to a selection of prints and sculptures that are no longer available anywhere in the world.

“My work has changed quite dramatically over the years, when I look at what I’ve painted during my career. It’s been good for me and also challenging at the same time - to go from my dark, simple, old Gadgies to making them brighter and bringing them more to life, which at the time was a reflection of what I was going through personally, coming out of the deep depression I experienced after the death of my father.

As an artist, I continually see things through a picture frame. When I watch a TV series like Peaky Blinders or see a golf tournament, or even with whatever may be happening in my own life, like taking part in the Tartan Week parade in New York, it is often reflected in the paintings that I produce - and in a strange way, it feels like I myself am becoming the Gadgie.”

Alexander Millar, exhibiting artist

A guest collection from the Balman Gallery will be exhibited throughout a part of the top floor for a limited time. It includes eclectic national and international art across a range of mediums.

'We want the gallery to become a place art enthusiasts can visit and return to time and time again to enjoy curated, stand-out artwork from national and international artists'.

Lee Stobbart, Gallery Director

THE HANCOCK GALLERY – The Hancock Gallery showcases artwork from around the world for the purposes of appreciation and collection, in a historic Georgian building in the centre of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The gallery’s three floors have been reimagined as a clean, inspired space for viewing art. Moving forward, the gallery will also be hosting workshops and be available for venue hire. Admission to the gallery and events is free.

ALEXANDER MILLAR – Alexander Millar is an internationally successful contemporary impressionist whose drawings, paintings and sculptures appear in solo and group exhibits worldwide. He creates nostalgic work that draws from his childhood on the west coast of Scotland, and the events and landscapes that have shaped his life. He is best known for his Scottish gadgies, landscapes, and representations of Scottish working life. ‘Alexander Millar: A retrospective’ will also feature his latest work: 9/11 fire fighters, new American gadgies, and Peaky Blinders-inspired drawings and paintings.