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Awards for Achievement 2014


Local winner from last years event

Young Achiever of the Year, Sponsored by AMS (2014)

Working It Out, Newcastle Ricky Ingleby, 23

Ricky was in foster care from the age of 3 until 17. The breakdown of his

foster placement then reached a peak during the first year of his A-levels.

Ricky ended up living alone, which he struggled with as a result of his

escalating drug addiction. Soon he was homeless and returned to a hostel

in Newcastle. It was here that he heard about Tomorrow’s People.

After taking part in the Working It Out programme in Newcastle, Ricky

secured work through an agency at Paradise Foods in early 2013 and was

receiving regular shifts after 6 months. He is now a permanent member

of staff and has been promoted to Production Line Manager.

Ricky says, “Things are going well. It’s great that Tomorrow’s People

feel I deserve this award, I really appreciate it.