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Civic agreements to be created across University’s global footprint


Teesside University has reaffirmed its commitment to the regions, people and communities it serves by pledging to develop new civic agreements.

The agreements will strengthen the University’s ongoing work around corporate social responsibility and will be embedded internationally, across all of the areas which it serves. Teesside joins a number of higher education institutions in pledging to take forward this initiative.

Development of Civic University Agreements is a key recommendation in a report published by the Civic University Commission which sets out how universities have the capability, opportunity and responsibility to support the places where they are based to solve some of their most pressing and major problems.

These issues range from helping local business adapt to technological change, to boosting the health of local people, improving education for school pupils and adult learners, and training and developing new civic leaders in every field from politics to the arts.

Teesside University was founded with a civic mission to transform lives and economies. The positive contribution that the University makes is vast, with a human capital impact estimated at £1.3billion; civic agreements will strengthen this work further.

Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of Teesside University, Professor Paul Croney, said “We are proud to commit to developing Civic University Agreements and embedding this philosophy regionally, nationally and internationally, across all the communities we serve.

“The Civic University movement is directly aligned to our current corporate ambitions, which position Teesside University as an anchor institution, supporting and collaborating with Government, industry and the arts.

“Working with diverse partners, the University will ensure collaboration, cooperation and common purpose across activities to enhance the region and address local challenges on a global platform.”

Richard Brabner, Director of the UPP Foundation, a registered charity that offers grants to universities, charities and other higher education bodies and is a catalyst for this work, said: “Universities have the ability to make a real difference to the places they are located in through reinvigorating their civic role. But this is not just a responsibility, it’s also an opportunity.

“We know that many universities want to build engagement with the community around them. It is excellent news that such an impressive list of institutions has already signed up.”