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High pass rates and new CIM Commendations for nesma


Author: NESMA

Following a spectacular pass rate of 98%, nesma's students and tutors are recognised by three new CIM commendations.

The Awarding Body at The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has commended North East Sales & Marketing Academy (nesma) for the excellent performance of its students during the April 2019 assessment session.

Veronica Swindale, Founder and Managing Director of nesma comments, "We are always immensely proud of the results that our students and tutors achieve which is consistently above the CIM’s UK & Global average pass rate.

As a study centre for marketing, communications and digital qualifications our aim is to deliver business advantages for the organisations our students work for, as we believe a commitment to the training and development of your marketing talent can deliver real returns to the bottom line.

The ongoing commitment to continual professional development by our students allows them to reap rewards both for their own career and the businesses they work for. We are always amazed by their dedication to juggle busy lives and jobs with their studies. Our students teach us invaluable lessons every day and I always look forward to catching up with them."

nesma now has a total of 51 commendations received from CIM since 2013 for our delivery of marketing, communications and digital modules for CIM and CAM from Level 3 to Level 7. The results demonstrate the strength of the working relationship that tutors and students enjoy.

If you are interested in studying  CIM qualifications with nesma, the new term starts in September. nesma offers a variety of study methods, options from Level 3 to Level 7 and a number of different locations including Carlisle, Edinburgh and Newcastle.

nesma aims to ensure every student receives the best possible study experience and is delighted to be rewarded for this by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.