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Kerckhoffs Ltd to explore VR based tourism opportunities in China


Sunderland based tech company Kerckhoffs Ltd is being accepted on Innovate UK’s Global Business Innovation Programme (delivering for Enterprise Europe Network) – Audience of the Future to China. The programme supports up to 15 high growth, innovative businesses, enabling them to explore and exploit opportunities in specific countries and technology areas, providing market knowledge and cultural insight that they may otherwise not be able to generate for themselves. The fully funded programme will support these businesses with a structured programme across three main phases; getting ready for the market, visiting the market, exploiting the opportunity.

Kerckhoffs Ltd is now developing Eyemmersive™ – A Digital Market Place for Immersive Tourism to enable tourism to be accessible to everybody by taking advantage of immersive technologies.

VR/AR applications have largely been restricted to the gaming world and progress has been sluggish on the virtual tourism front. There is a need to connect tourism service providers to tourism experience seekers and developing an innovative digital platform where immersive-tourism-experience seekers and travel guides could meet to make a memorable immersive journey.

The Founder of the company Dr. Selvakumar Ramachandran says "We see China as a great opportunity for Eyemmersive to provide worldwide immersive tourism for Chinese travellers and Chinese immersive tourism to worldwide immersive experience seekers".

Independent VR consultant and an advisor of Eyemmersive Shaun Allan says “"China holds great potential for Eyemmersive enabling a virtual tourism route to the sights, sounds and culture of such a diverse country. In addition, it also affords the Chinese market an opportunity to expand its reach to others both in China and of course abroad. Virtual reality is the best media format ever to transport people to locations all over the world without having to leave their home, Eyemmersive will take you wherever you'd like to go."

On behalf of Kerckhoffs Ltd, Dr. Ramachandran will be travelling to China to explore market opportunities in China as a part of this programme.