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Kerckhoffs Ltd wins open innovation voucher to collaborate with European partner


Author: Kerckhoffs Ltd

Sunderland-based Kerckhoffs Ltd is developing Eyemmersive®, an innovative Digital Market Place for Immersive Tourism - enabling tourism to be accessible to everybody by taking advantage of immersive technologies.

Kerckhoffs Ltd has won a €5000 open innovation voucher through an open call for "Boosting business growth through open innovation" from INVITE - Open Innovation Lab (Oi2Lab). This will fund the initial stages of their collaborative project Eyemmersive® with European Network For Accessible Tourism (ENAT). 

INVITE aims to create a well-connected Open Innovation (OI) ecosystem across Europe. INVITE deploys an interconnected pilot programme, supported by a suite of demand-driven services and digital tools available through its OI2Lab platform, to stimulate open innovation across Europe and empower businesses to collaborate, innovate and grow.

ENAT is a Brussels-based multi-stakeholder non-profit association of frontrunners in the study, promotion and practice of accessible tourism.

The Founder of the company Dr. Selvakumar Ramachandran says "Through this innovation voucher support, it makes it a lot easier to accelerate our innovation Eyemmersive®, and continue collaboration with our European partner ENAT". 

For regular project updates please follow this link.