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Life through Covid-19 lockdown to be depicted in 'Threads That Bind Us' tapestry


Picture caption: Rebecca Maw with daughter, Emily.

The people of South Tyneside have the opportunity to stitch the story of their daily life during Covid-19 isolation, as part of a giant tapestry that will be exhibited at Jarrow Hall.

A project coordinated by Groundwork South and North Tyneside, ‘Threads That Bind Us’ will see each individual piece of embroidery joined together to create an art piece made by people of all ages within the South Tyneside community.

The finished artwork will be exhibited at Jarrow Hall and those that contribute to the tapestry together with their families and friends, will be invited to an event to celebrate its launch, once normal life resumes.

Rebecca Maw, operations manager, Groundwork South and North Tyneside, said: “There is no doubt that Covid-19 has impacted heavily on the lives of us all. For some it may have been no more than an inconvenience but for many others it has greater meaning. However, to balance uncertainty and apprehension there comes hope and positivity and we want to call upon peoples’ thoughts and feelings and turn them in to a tapestry that is both uplifting and memorable. The ‘Threads That Bind Us’ will be a social statement that captures an unparalleled period in history and will be there for future generations to appreciate and reflect upon.

“We are asking people to stitch and embroider the story of their experience of the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown. Perhaps they were thankful for their garden, maybe they want to celebrate the amazing contribution our key workers are making, perhaps they want to illustrate the people they spent time with in lockdown or it could be they saw the same view from their window each day and want to stitch that. People can stitch anything that represents COVID-19 to them.

“You do not have to be experienced in embroidery to take part, even if you have never picked up a needle and thread before, you can participate. Check out Youtube tutorials and Pinterest for ideas and tutorials for basic stitches. All ages are welcome, you could even make a family piece. Ideas, inspiration and basic tutorials will be shared on Jarrow Hall social media pages in the coming weeks. We also want people to send in some pictures of their work so we can use them to inspire others to get involved.”

Rebecca and her daughter, Emily, both of whom have never embroidered before, have both decided to get involved. Rebecca and Emily have chosen to work together to do a design that is an illustration of their family.

Rebecca, said: “It is very therapeutic and relaxing and I am finding the opportunity every evening to put a little bit of time in to it. The great thing is that it costs next to nothing to do and is so satisfying.”

Emily, aged 9, said: “I have really enjoyed spending extra time with my family so I have drawn a picture of them and my mam is helping me embroider it. It’s tricky but we have been watching YouTube tutorials to help us learn the different stiches.’

For further information on ‘The Threads That Bind Us’ and how to get involved, please go to