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Marketing your business out of lockdown


Author: Reach plc

As COVID-19 instigates a deep economic downturn, businesses around the world are faced with some tough strategic choices.

The coronavirus crisis has paused every economy in the world, and has naturally reduced companies’ financial forecasts for 2020. However, every business must be ready to bounce back and return stronger and smarter; this requires a rethinking of the marketing strategy.

In this guide, Reach present and review insight into the feelings and attitudes of consumers, explore recovery predictions whilst providing expert advice on how to adapt your marketing strategy through effective planning and building customer confidence.

The learnings from past recessions are clear – that the most operative approach is to keep up investment in marketing, build your brand and earn the rewards during the recovery phase.

In this whitepaper, Reach showcase facts, tips and guidance on how to approach your marketing during the post-lockdown period, providing useful insights and to help you plan and manage your marketing, in addition to highlighting the importance of communicating with both your existing customers and wider audiences in response to the challenges we’re facing around the COVID-19 crisis.

You can download the guide here

Reach plc are the UK’s largest commercial national and regional news brand, locally we are the publishers of Chronicle Live, Teesside Live, the Chronicle, Journal and the Gazette.

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