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Regional taxi firm teams up with Land Digital to 'revolutionise' in-car SME advertisements


Author: Blueline Taxis

A regional taxi firm has partnered with a local software development agency to provide businesses with a new form of in-car advertising across their fleet of taxis.

Blueline’s business development manager, Tom Shanks wanted to find an economical way for the firm and other local companies to market their businesses in front of as many people as possible.

Tom said: “We have experienced first-hand the extortionate costs associated with marketing a business on a regional level - and we wanted to provide a cost-effective solution to that problem.

“We are the largest taxi provider in the region, operating in a busy North East space, so the cars themselves are a great platform for us and other local businesses to put our brands in front of the eyes of millions - with the Blueline fleet transporting almost 10 million passengers a year.”

After enlisting the help of Land Digital, their new app was born. The app is installed onto custom headrests fitted with in-car digital screens, allowing the Blueline team to upload media for a wide range of advertisers directly onto the network of screens.

Jon Leighton, managing director at Land Digital, added: “We were excited to be involved in a project that would deliver targeted geofenced campaigns that can benefit a variety of local businesses and collaborate with Blueline Group, breaking new ground in the field of in-car, location-based advertising.

“Increasing exposure for local businesses is something we felt passionate about throughout the project, and we’re looking forward to seeing the screens at work in taxis all across the region.”

Tom concluded: “We’re currently testing 100 screens regionally. This means that, with around 180,000 passengers a week, advertisers can get their brand in front of mass captive viewers for an average journey time of 12 minutes - without the need for a huge marketing budget.”

“We’re also looking to double screen amounts, with our upcoming plans for rapid growth across the UK’s major cities - following interest from leading national advertisers, as well as companies from overseas.”