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Responding to COVID-19.


Author: Uptivity

How Uptivity can help businesses in these difficult times with technology (Press Release).

One undeniable aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it reached a completely unexpected scale. Nobody had imagined such a scenario and we weren’t prepared for the situation. Adjusting to social distancing and working from home has not been easy, but people have managed it for the collective good.  

Uptivity is a Newcastle-based award-winning software company developing productivity apps to help businesses improve their efficiency. They believe in the power of technology to solve problems. Responding to help requests from friends and customers, they have developed a solution to help struggling food businesses cope with the situation.

Uptivity’s CEO Muhammad Ali states, “Our new app Delivity not only shows our team’s resilience but also confirms our growing interest and expertise in the food sector - indeed following Uptivity’s very successful participation at Gulfood 2020 in Dubai”. That was to launch Resinity, a complete traceability and compliance platform for restaurants, caterers and food manufacturers.

Launch of Delivity app that can help small businesses deliver with ease.

Delivity is a simple and effective app for small businesses who are looking to deliver direct to their customers.

“With the country in lockdown, food businesses had to quickly change the way they operate to stay afloat”, Muhammad continued. “We heard about waiters at small cafés becoming improvised drivers. Of course, this was not without challenges.”

As can be expected, smaller businesses who had never offered a delivery service before may struggle to manage incoming requests, delivery operations and customers’ expectations. This is exactly where Delivity can help. It is a real-time delivery tracking app letting customers know their orders’ estimated time of arrival. 

“Customers won’t need to chase their orders and the staff at the restaurant or take-away will no longer be overwhelmed by phone calls”, Muhammad explains. 

“Several different businesses can benefit from using Delivity”, explains Uptivity’s Business Development Manager Ash Nehmet, giving an overview of the app’s features. “Our product has not been developed exclusively for food businesses. Shops and other businesses will also find the app beneficial by letting their customers know when to be in and not go out for their daily exercise!”

Cristina Peligra, who works as Growth and Content Manager at Uptivity, also noticed small businesses work with small margins; for them to give away up to 25% of the sales to 3rd party delivery firms is not a sustainable long-term option. In these difficult times customers are not prepared to pay inflated prices either. Hence a solution such as Delivity makes so much sense. 

Here are Delivity’s most exciting features, (shaped by feedback from early adopters, such as well-known Man vs Food and Aneesa’s Buffet Restaurant in Newcastle): 

·       With Delivity, deliveries can be bundled and allocated to different drivers even before they come in for collection.

·       Delivery addresses can be imported directly from a business’ EPOS system or by scanning customers’ receipts, without needing to insert them manually.

·       The app auto-creates the best delivery sequence for drivers, taking real-time traffic information into account.

·       Customers receive a text message with a link to track the driver’s real-time location with an estimated time of arrival.

·       Customers’ feedback is also collected. For only a little extra cost, reviews can be pushed onto social media or review sites.

·       Contactless delivery is possible where drivers can take a photograph of the delivered item using the app instead of taking signature as a proof.

“Most importantly, the app comes reasonably priced as a monthly subscription”, CEO Muhammad Ali concludes. “Differently from the most widely used delivery apps, we take no commission on sales. It’s just a flat monthly fee (based on your number of sites), so it is affordable to you and specific to your business needs. No surprises. No unexpected costs. No catch. The app will save you precious time - and money, reducing the number of free items or meals you would otherwise give to unsatisfied customers!”

About Uptivity: 


A small Newcastle-based award-winning technology company with an international presence providing innovative solutions to increase business efficiency.

Part of SenServe Limited.

Muhammad Ali is the CEO: 

Ash Nehmet is the Business Development Manager:

Cristina Peligra is Growth & Content Manager:

Meet the team at The Beacon, Westgate Road, NE4 9PQ, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Or contact Uptivity at +44 (0) 845 387 0497 or via email at