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Restaurant rebrand feeds the confidence of founders and customers alike.


Author: Wonderstuff

Working with the owners Somia Ebid and Mark Burdiss of Canaca to transform their existing brand position and branding.

Customer feedback and poor sales confirmed to Somia and Mark that while the food they served was great - the overall customer experience needed attention. Sales - and confidence in the business - were dropping.

With Somia and Mark, Wonderstuff explored various routes which would communicate the brand and type of food more clearly - and which could build a platform for their goal of future expansion. The mood boards developed by Wonderstuff showed the opportunity, and potential, that lay ahead and cemented the idea and position that Canaca would take.

“After our initial meeting where we discussed our business we were so relieved and excited that Wonderstuff has the ability to understand - and see - our vision. Wonderstuff’s goal was to create something unique, that suits our beliefs and ideas. Their heart and soul was about adding value to our brand and business”

Somia Ebid, Owner

With the new position agreed Wonderstuff developed a strong visual identity for the brand, a bold and colourful approach, utilising strong typography and colourful illustrations to reflect the World Street Food which Canaca offered, alongside adding a touch of humour to the brand communications.

The rebrand was applied to both the exterior and interior of the restaurant and, while the rebrand was critical for Canaca, the budget to create the look and feel was limited so maximising available budget and resources was key.

After a successful launch period where Canaca improved sales through both new and repeat customers (their loyalty cards are constant being redeemed), the founders not only felt more confident in their business, but had the figures to prove the rebrand had paid off.

“Wonderstuff have transformed the image of our restaurant space from lifeless to a full and energetic brand. Using Wonderstuff has had an excellent, positive impact on our business. We consider Wonderstuff to be a life long business partner, and hope to work with them for so many successful years to come.

Somia Ebid, Owner

Somia and Mark are now confident in Canaca’s brand position and food service and are exploring opportunities to expand outside of Newcastle upon Tyne.