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Sales team set the standard for training


Just Williams, a Stockton-based outsourced Sales company, have today launched a brand new arm – The Just Williams Sales Academy.

The Academy offers a wide range of masterclasses and training courses to help businesses develop their own sales strategies in-house. Empowering companies to manage their own sales strategies, and for them to succeed in doing so, is a key aim of the Academy.

Jessica Williams, Managing Director of Just Williams, said; “My aim has always been to professionalise Sales, to make sure that people working within the industry are equipped with the right tools to make an impact – in the right way. Sales training is a difficult thing to formalise but we believe that the Just Williams experience, coupled with real world knowledge, has given us the credentials to lead these classes.I hope to inspire a new generation of salespeople and help them to achieve great things”.

The Just Williams Sales Academy has announced 3 classes in September, October and November – with the promise of more dates in 2020. The 2019 dates have limited availability and are expected to book up quickly. Sales Specialist, Emma Storey from Just Williams said; “It’s been amazing to see the initial response from other businesses.Being relatively new to Sales myself, and having seen the course content, I can hand-on-heart say that these masterclasses will be an absolute must for companies wanting to increase their sales successes.”

More information can be found at or by contacting the Just Williams team on 01642 955862.