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September 2019


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Robert Myers

Robert is a North East based artist with a history in computer graphic visualisation.

When Robert was at school he received a lot of encouragement from his teachers and family to pursue art further  and he tried by starting a foundation course in art but it didn’t work the way he wanted. It felt that there was no course which would allow him to just paint.  Still wanting to be in the creative field Robert trained as an interior designer which opened up a new avenue to him. Time passed and the industry developed with technology; Robert found himself with over 20 years of experience and in a role which was leading to less creative work and more managerial duties, he began to grow tired and uninspired. This lack of inspiration at work spurred him to start painting again. Painting had always been something he had craved to do but with young children and work commitments never had the time.

In October 2018 Robert was given an opportunity to leave this industry and grabbed it with open arms. He had only one goal in mind and that is to paint. Robert loves working in oil and trying to capture the world around him. His earlier works were influenced by his work and it was this attention to detail in all the projects where everything had to be accurately modelled that Robert used and painted in the same way. Comments on his early work were often “eeh I thought it was a photograph!” not that there is anything wrong with that but it became a mundane way of painting for Robert, all he seemed to be doing was painting a picture of something the way it was and that’s it.

It took the trip of a life time, visiting New York, for things to change. On this trip Robert’s senses awoke and he began to think more about what drove him to like a scene. Robert wanted to translate the feelings of places into paint and let the viewer experience the emotions felt in the scene. Soon Robert’s paintings became moments in time and light where he tried to transport the viewer into a scene.

Robert is new to us here at North East Art Collective, he joined the gallery in August this year, so why not make an extra effort to call in throughout September to see Roberts new wall display and his full window display! We have a range of Originals and Prints available in all sizes and shapes suitable for all budgets… some are even available on Own Art! We look forward to seeing you!


New Artist Julia Roxburgh 

In 1996 Julia began her business as a sole trader in the world of ceramics. Julia’s love of colour and texture began to be a key feature in her pots and remains so to this day. Julia also has a love for the theatre and the circus and this inspires and informs the whimsy in her work. The use of crowns as lids and tops was developed in 1998 and this feature has become a recognisable trademark of Julia’s work, as is the use of lashings of gold!

New Artist Julie Rankcom 

Julie is a Glass artist based in Washington, Tyne and Wear.

Julie stumbled in to glass art back in 2011 when she was looking for a new hobby. At the time the Glass Centre in Sunderland was running an evening course in fused glass, that Julie felt would be a great place to start.

Since then Julie has expanded her knowledge and begun to produce her own range of products turning her hobby in to a full time business.  

New Artist The Forge Durham

The Forge Durham is a family run business. Set up in early 2018 the family work together to create high end bespoke furniture. Each piece is made to measure from reclaimed wood and hairpin legs, and finished with wax. They can make anything your home can need from dining tables and kitchen doors to TV stands, wall shelves and even a man box.

New Artist Dawid Strojny 

Dawid is a conceptual and commercial artist, working mainly with the cast glass technique, but often experimenting with fused glass, using transparent and opalescent glass with the likes of fibre glass and pure silver. 
Born and raised in Poland. From 2004 he lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne